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A Little Bit Broad

Apocalypse Bards

A Very Unlikely Occurrence

Bad Nerd

Better At Rapping

Bizarro Genius Baby

Black Box



Captains Of Industry

Charisma Potion

Charity Case

Chisel Down

Colonel, Panic!

Crime Spree

Critical Hit

Dating Profile


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Front The Most

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Hassle: the Dorkening

I Can See

I Hate Your Blog

I Hate Your Blog (Unplugged 2019)

I Heart Fags

I'll Form The Head

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Indier Than Thou

Internet Sucks

Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead

It Is Pitch Dark

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IWF (Internetting While Female)

Jacquelyn Hyde

Just Once

Listen Close

Livin' At The Corner Of Dude & Catastrophe

Machine Of Death

Memes Are Stupid

Message No. 419

Mornings Come And Go

Mountain Kind

Much Chubbier

My Sister

Nerd Versus Jock

Nerdcore Hiphop

Nerdcore Rising


Never Read The Comments

Oh, The Hilarity

Origin Of Species

Penny Arcade Theme

Power User

Pr0n S0ng

Rappers We Crush

Rewind That Back

Rhyme of the Nibelung

Romantic Cheapskate (Song Fight version)

Romantic Cheapskate v.2.0

Scare Goat

Secrets From The Future

Shame of the Otaku



Small Data

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Socks On


Special Delivery

Speed Queen

Spoiler Alert

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This Is Not A Drill

This Old Man

Tongue-Clucking Grammarian

TP Factory Tour

Twenty-Six Hundred

Two Dreamers

Victorian Space Prostitute



Which MC Was That?

Yellow Lasers

You Got Asperger's

Your Friend Wil

Zero Day


Guest Verses

Algorithm (by Mega Ran)

Borken Telephone (by Rock, Paper, Cynic)

Boyfriend Material (by Miss Eaves)

Challenge Your Audience (by Mikal kHill)

Epic Fail (by Ken Flagg)

I Like It (by Supercommuter)

I Need Your Help (by Doug Funnie)

Intervention (by Schaffer The Dark Lord)

Kabuto Party (by Kabuto The Python)

Look At Me (by Allie Goertz)

Mecha Mechanics (by Whoremoans)

Noggin User (by Wordburglar)

O.G. Original Gamer (by MC Lars)

Old Enough (by Random AKA Mega Ran)

Oneonta (by MC Lars)

Ping Pong (by Optimus Rhyme)

Plastic Submarine (by The Grammar Club)

Proto Culture Redux [Remix] (by Mega Ran and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien)

Reset Button (by Random AKA Mega Ran)

Revenge Of The Nerds Part II (by MC Lars)

Salieri (by Adam WarRock)

Soda Water (by Jess Klein)

Tag Team (by Beefy)

Teenage Dirtbag (by Wheatus)

Wake Up (by Random AKA Mega Ran)

Watchmen (by MC Lars and Mega Ran)

Algorithm (by Mega Ran)

[Young RJ]
I remember hustling hard, Street teaming night and day
Sticking show flyers in between car wiper blades
Some might keep em, most get tossed away
We would do it for free, nowadays you gotta pay
We figure out the games they just raise up the stakes
Cause some days I wonder if it's even worth the chase
Invisible metrics, playing catch up in a race
Post a pic that don't get love I just erase
Making musics like half of the battle
I Wanna sell records, but I don't wanna haggle
I tell you this game ain't for the fragile
One minute they gas you
Then they looking past you
What a hassle
Man I appreciate the listen
But Who Sampled listings be downright snitchin'
Every time I think I almost close the distance
They move the goal post, damn that algorithm

Like that
Follow that
Share that
Tweet that

I try to spread a little bit of wisdom

Post that
Keep that
Gimme that

And make Something you can play up in your system

Post up
Hold up
No love
Delete that

So I let the algorithm hit em
(let the algorithm hit em 2x)

[Mega Ran]
Wedding anniversary... a hundred likes
New album dropping- couple likes
I'm probably on IG more the rest
Cause it's all of the pictures and none of the stress
Most days I don't have enough time to respond
But I can drop a fire emoji and move right along
Some cats I know they get way too into it
Got the ill filters to cover them blemishes
Tighten the tummy up, fill in the beard
Beware, objects are much worse than they appear
They say twitters too fast and tumblr's a pass
And Facebook took Russian money for ads
Tik Tok's the new Vine
Reddit's full of haters
Whatsapp WeChat
Google plus was a failure
And they all doin what they want with our data
A necessary evil if you're an entertainer

[MC Frontalot]
Melonfarming robots in charge of my discourse
AI pretty smart but it's piss-poor
Sauce. Hope it doesn't get cleverer
I'm a communique endeavor-er
Aiming data at anybody who clicked me once
Button labeled the only rapper who admits that he fronts
Squelched by the math
I post a hundred percent you see half
I post a hundred and ten, you see five
Please, my children need retweets to survive
As do my fragile ego and shallow pride
How come it had to be so, i shall abide
By the terms and conditions therein
Rationale for participating viciously thin
All the same, always on my game, no resonance
Blame algorithms not my waning relevance

Lyrics Copyright © 1999-2020 by MC Frontalot / Published by Nerdcore Fervor Conglomerated (ASCAP)